Ladies Monogrammed Clogs

  • $180.00

Clogs are a must have for every gal! So many wonderful colors to choose from! I never wore clogs before I started selling them in my shop and now it is the only shoe I wear! The quality is out of this world. These clogs come in whole sizes, the flex heels run true to size and the high wooden heels are more narrow.

You will first choose the size of your clog, please note the high heel sole does not come in size 35 or 42. Next you will select the sole of the shoe, there are three options, the flex comfort heel, the traditional wooden heel and the wooden high heel. Then you will select your font style, there are many options to choose from. If you have selected a font style with 2 color options in the photo and you would like to use two colors please use the comment box to list the additional colors. Finally, you will chose the monogram thread color you would like to use.

In the monogram text box please type exactly how you would like the monogram to be shown. Please note some monograms are single letters or two letters only and are named as such. 

  • 8 weeks for delivery, each product is custom made
  • 100% Leather or Wool Upper
Brooke's Suggestion: Choose a color upper you will wear all the time and the monogram should scream you!
Monogramming is so personal, please use the comment box during checkout to communicate any special requests.