About Nantucket Monogoram

Whether you’re furnishing a home or boat and need monogrammed towels, you’re in search of personalized bridesmaid gifts, or you’re dying to add an adorable lobster to a tote bag, Nantucket Monogram is here to fulfill your bespoke dreams. Pillows, handbags, blankets, stemware, even wicker trays can be adorned with initials, monograms, or the name of a house. Owner Brooke Boothe travels near and far to curate the most interesting collection of customizable home furnishings, accessories and gifts – all housed in Nantucket Monogram's New Canaan, CT headquarters. 

About Brooke Boothe

Brooke Boothe comes from a long line of creative women—both her mother and grandmother were creative designers. The fourth generation of her family to spend summers on Nantucket, Brooke grew up and honed her style and skills during the height of the preppy revolution. After the University of Mississippi, New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology and a few years of retail management, Brooke moved to Austin, Texas and opened an interior design business. There she initially focused on her seamstress skills, making slipcovers, draperies and bedding, and later had great success as an interior designer. But the South couldn’t hold a strong enough grip on this New Englander, and Nantucket beckoned her back. Inspired by her mother’s successful monogramming business, Brooke began offering her own monogramming services via an extensive East Coast trunk show circuit. In 2009 she opened her first Nantucket Monogram retail location at 2 Union Street, Nantucket and in 2017 the store moved to New Canaan. 

About Monogramming

The concept of monogramming dates back as early as 350BC, where its purpose was utilitarian long before it became decorative. Monograms were first used in Greece; coins were branded with letters to designate their origin. Eventually monograms were also used by artists and craftsmen to identify their work, and over time, monarchies across Europe came to use the monogram as a way to identify families, leading them to be symbols of status and luxury. That which once connected a monarch to its people, and tied the past to the present, still adds a personal touch to items that can be passed down. Monogramming creates nostalgia; it takes an ordinary item and makes it symbolic.

Nantucket Monogram owner Brooke Boothe