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Are furnishing your new home and would love a set of monogram towels? Maybe you are in search of just the right personalize gifts for your bridesmaids. Are you just dying to have that boat bag detailed with an adorable red lobster? Let preppy enthusiast and designer, Brooke Boothe of Nantucket Monogram assist you to fulfill this and countless other orders.

Step inside this preppy mecca and you will immediately feel compelled to embroider your initials on nearly everything you own! Suddenly your favorite tote bag is not complete without that extra detail, and you really must put your niece’s name on the sleeve of the Nantucket sweatshirt that you will be sending to her for her birthday. That hot pink leather clutch that you love? It would be even cuter with the first initial of your last name, or even better, maybe the iconic “ACK” that only those in the know can interpret. 

The possibilities are endless, as Nantucket Monogram allows customers to customize almost anything. The iconic boutique and embroidery headquarters is a must-see for all preppy enthusiasts visiting the island, you’d be hard-pressed to leave there uninspired. Brooke’s imagination and creativity emanate from every nook of this boutique, and it is clear that the monogram concept reaches well beyond your father’s golf polo. Water bottles, pillows, stemware, even shoes can be adorned with letters, numbers, the name of your boat, or the name of your favorite Nantucket beach.

Of course, if you don’t walk in to the shop with a pre-conceived design concept, there is no shortage of available products that are readily customizable for you. The only thing you might need to be aware of before you head to Nantucket Monogram is that the choices and ideas are so vast that you may have a difficult time choosing! Be certain, however to make this spot a stop on your shopping tour of downtown Nantucket. It will not disappoint!




With gifted seamstresses for both her mother and grandmother, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree for Brooke. Spending summers on Nantucket during the height of the preppy revolution inspired Brooke to follow a career in design. After earning her undergraduate degree from the University of Mississippi, she knew she had a passion that needed to be explored which in turn led to further education at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology.

With a few years of retail management under her belt, Brooke moved to Austin, Texas. There she opened her first interior design business in 1994. She focused initially on her seamstress skills, making slip covers, draperies and bedding, and it was not long before design expertise was recognized and in high demand by many premier Austin area home owners. Despite this raging success, the South couldn’t get a strong enough grip on this New Englander, and Nantucket beckoned her back. In 2004 Brooke made the move back East to resume her life-long schedule of summering on Nantucket, and it was there that her design career flourished.

Inspired by her own mother’s successful monogramming business (going strong for over 23 years), Brooke followed suit and in 2006 began offering her own monogramming services. She successfully maintained her following with an extensive East Coast Trunk Show Tour for over three years, but she eventually desired a permanent location. In 2009 Brooke opened her first retail location at 2 Union Street. Four successful seasons later, Brooke moved Nantucket Monogram to a larger space on Easy Street. From the moment one sets foot inside, it is clear that Brooke can lead you in more directions than imaginable with endless suggestions of color and detail.

Brooke Boothe, Nantucket Monogram